Sunday, August 25, 2013

Arts and crafts

Did some prep work at Ryan's today.Cable leaders are crimped and ready to go on trot lines this weekend.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

On the move...

We needed to move around some tree stands from last year. So we went up today ( Aug 23) to move these around before it gets too close to season. It was a good morning. Satisfies the itch to climb a tree , even if its only for a few hours.
Cedar tree stand on the food plot
View from the stand
Walnut grove ( new food plot) stand
I moved the ridge stand towards the north about 75 yards. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Setting the table for dinner

Food plots in Central Missouri are planted. Stayed out past dark on August 22nd to get seed in the ground . I did a rain dance to encourage the 50 percent chance of rain. The night and following day passed and the 50 percent chance of rain turned to 0 percent chance of rain. There is no rain projected now in the forecast for a long long time. Looks like I will be hunting over dirt fields. Frustrating, but I've got to be glad that I got places to plant and places to hunt. The weeds were high but the little kubota knew what to do with them.  Here are several pics of the north and south food plots as they developed. A couple of pics of the apple tree food plot are included. Hope to have it all in clover by next year. At least I will have a good place for Timmy to sit where he wont spook the deer if these plots dont grow! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Good looking truck!

Odd parking spot...
Spike assassin doing some off roading. It was a dang good weekend at the cabin! Already had a truck stuck first morning before I even got my teeth brushed.

Finally found Rylan

After missing for about an hour I finally found her behind the house working on a foodplot.

Walnut Grove food plot update

We have started to create our second decent size food plot at Osceola. It's probably around 1/4 acre and located by the old house place. We had to cut down a several trees to allow enough sunlight for the oats, wheat and turnips to grow.
Here are a few pictures of the progress we have made so far. As soon as the tractor gets fixed we will be discing and planting. Updates to come soon !

And so it begins......

This is a place where we can share and document hunts, trail camera photos, food plots, camping and fishing. We love doing these things and this is a place where we can look at these awesome moments anytime to escape from the daily grind. For the first post I thought I would post a picture of myself, Tim Johnson, and Casey Roberts my brother-in-law. We'll both be posting and sharing experiences in outdoors.

Tim Johnson....better bow hunter and shot than Casey.

Casey... Killer of small deer
Dad ..... S.A., known as spike assassin