Friday, January 17, 2014

Fourth Quarter Win

At 10:20 am on January 12th, a fine old doe attempted to cross paths with the mighty hoyt.  Had my two buddies help track her.  The season is over, but the record will always reflect the 4 to 3 victory.


  1. What a year it has been in the woods. Lots of good eatin' in the freezer. By the way I must add that my record remains untarnished again this year. Perfect record since we bought land to hunt on. No deer for me ! I did see a few but managed not to shoot one. My day is coming, I feel it !!!!!!!!!!! Good job boys. I more proud of you than you will ever know. GOD has truly blessed this family.

  2. So what's up here??? Bow season starts in 34 days and no posts since January?? Beginning to think that me finishing 1st this coming season has you guys spooked a bit. Mmmmmm ???